What is Quadrifilar helical antenna or omni directional GPS antenna

Quadrifilar helical antenna or omni directional GPS antenna, generally according to specific rules it consists of 4 curved metal lines welded to cylindical base,without any grounding.It has both Zapper antenna and vertical antenna characteristics.Its ingenious structure enables any direction of the antenna has 3dB gain and a good pattern! Quadrifilar helical antenna has a omni directional ability to the reception, so when combined with pda, regardless of the placement of the PDA, quadrifilar helical antenna can receive GPS signal, which different from GPS antenna requires the use of flat restrictions in order to better reception. To use such antennas, when the satellite appeared in the ground plane 10 degrees, you can receive signals transmitted by satellite.


Quadrifilar helical antenna is an integrated high gain and optimized low noise performance amplifiers active antenna, adopt for the following applications:
Handheld, wearable device or conventional antenna offset environment
Intensive integration with other antennas, such as Bluetooth, GSM
Application equipment size or distribution and integration space is limited
Need 20dB even higher preamp output GPS receiver
Direction of the antenna device can be any installation


High gain – typical 25dBic
Conducted noise suppression systems for various applications
Broad beamwidth (>135 degrees)
Negligible interference near the body
Built with an external two installation options
Compatible SMT production process
Low power consumption



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