GPS antenna solutions

According to ABI and IEK report notes, GPS car navigation system has been identified as future car factory standard formulation of the imported equipment, the United States E911 regulations require mobile phones and other handheld consumer products must be equipped with GPS navigation, plus built-in GPS function Each system terminal product prices fell and other market power, prompting market share GPS and other related products rapidly.
In addition, the global industry for electronic products require light, thin, short, small, under characteristics, coupled with highly integrated mixed signal chip as the RF front-end functions, the entire GPS system includes GPS, processing cores, embedded memory chips, and small electronic elements, which makes GPS miniaturization formed a trend, but also because it shares trends, the relationship between the scope of the future GPS market is about depth personal use, GPS will one day become the people’s daily necessities.

GPS antenna design is better imagined simple

GPS has become the entire system from a single integrated product development system gradually integrated solutions; from product design side view, GPS navigation device manufacturers can choose GPS modules, chips (Smart antenna module) in order to achieve the goal of system integration.

Strict opinion, the current market GPS navigation solution has its advantages and disadvantages; therefore, before selecting the vendor must then make the whole system designed to assess the environmental conditions in accordance with, and that which went GPS antenna and receiver modules is considered navigation system, an important components, GPS antenna design both receivers and they must match each other in the case, was able to design a GPS navigation technology.
From the GPS antenna technology design point of view to assess its antenna strict requirements applicable characteristics, ease of use and quantitative performance criteria, accuracy, startup performance, location tracking sensitivity and low power consumption products. Therefore, this GPS antenna module design, the result in no small impact.

For example: antenna design miniaturization may lead to reduced sensitivity; reduce power consumption though permeable reduce hardware architecture can be achieved, but the pursuit of low-power yet another performance lead to a compromise, such as: reducing the number of channels and Search channel, in terms of start-up performance will be affected.

Helix spiral from the past to the present day Patch technology thin type technology, we can see the future GPS antenna design, there are still many problems to be solved and R & D space.

Design chose to use wisdom antenna module

Because of rapid and low-risk system integration features, required to achieve rapid product in stereotypes, a small amount of production and market access time-critical applications, GPS antenna module wisdom is the most appropriate choice. Even wisdom antenna module includes a GPS function completely independent, in the course of some of the design work is still to be done, including the antenna type (patch antenna or helical antenna) antenna module selection and the wisdom embedded in the end product to go .
Most wisdom antenna module instead of using a ceramic patch antenna is a helical antenna. Directional patch antenna, in the orthogonal plane radiating element has the maximum gain. In other words, the radiation level of the surface of the element from the sky apex sent signals having the greatest gain. When the level of the surface elevation receiving narrow range, this highly centric sensitivity will cause a greater impact.

Patch antenna suitable for major upward of end products, such as used in car navigation, relying on the windshield installed in the exhaust hood. In addition, the antenna aperture (antenna aperture) by the radiating element size and its radiation passes underneath the ground plane size together determine the size, it will also affect the signal reception sensitivity.
The helical antenna has a relatively wide directional characteristics: receiving a wider elevation, but the peak gain is relatively low. The helical antenna suitable end products are required for the respective directions can be freely used in handheld devices such action.

Since the human body can interfere with the signal near the reception, in which case the impact of the use of helical antenna is relatively small, and therefore the distance near or far human tissue location, handheld end products can be achieved in all directions GPS reception. However, the helical antenna also has a drawback: small antenna aperture, limits the overall receiver sensitivity.

GSP wisdom encapsulated antenna design
Packaged wisdom antenna is an alternative to the wisdom of the antenna OEM module. In the case of the requirements of embedded GPS products do not do hardware changes, select packaged wisdom antenna has certain advantages. There are two antenna encapsulated wisdom:the wisdom of separate antenna and tight coupling wisdom antenna.

Packaged wisdom antenna is ideal for portable systems like the implementation of such a standard PC and a PDA portable hardware platform solution in.
GSP navigation and guidance system in the process of integration, the use of well-designed GPS antenna, but also enables the GPS module and antenna design and chipset achieve the same performance levels. When GSP was asked must quickly realize the end product design, to lower development costs or limited internal research and development resources, the wisdom antenna module is feasible option, carefully selected wisdom antenna module can provide traditional GPS chip group and compared to the performance of integrated modules.



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